The main results of the project are:

  • IO1 – National Field Research Reports from all countries involved in the project including the description of zero energy efficient building researches, zero energy building implementations, and to put forward state of the art in partner’s countries;
  • IO2 – Energy Quiz and Energy Tutorial Modules: youngsters will start their volunteering by taking the Quiz to find out how much they already know about energy; the main focus of the quiz will be on the sustainability and energy efficient building to collect information about mostly acknowledged and prominent buildings of zero energy buildings/houses, innovative technologies and solutions for sustainability and recent researches on sustainable development in order to clearly define the content of the subject matter;
  • IO3 – Online Wise Energy Activity Cards and Step-by-Step Guide for Energy Volunteers : a software will be developed to use the activity cards online.
  • IO4  – E-learning website and Videos on Zero Energy Buildings.