C1-Blended Mobility of Young People

The main aim of this Erasmus+ project on Zero Energy Buildings, is to transfer knowledge about ZEBs to young people in Turkey and raise awareness on the benefits of sustainable construction amongst students and apprentices in the construction sector in Turkey, Spain and Italy. During the first week of July, a group of visitors were take part to a field trip to observe and learn from the best practices implemented in the Netherlands about ZEBs and sustainable construction. The field trip included a visit to the Centre of Expertise Smart Sustainable Cities, the EnergyLab of HU, excursions in Amersfoort and Utrecht to ZEBs (Lake house and Insideout project) and a reception from Amersfoort council where the project “Amersfoort CO2-Neutral by 2030” was introduced. The visiting group was composed of university students from Turkey, Spain and Italy. Participants were visit the buildings designed with an energy efficiency approaches. They were observe and learn in natural environment. Youngsters were come together and discuss related policies and implementations with the stakeholders. There is one important issue should be mentioned in here.