Aim of The Project
• Creating an awareness on zero energy buildings among youngsters fromZERO2HERO project will empower young people actively learn and understand the energy efficient building approaches through different types of non-formal learning environments.

Description of The Project
• This project can be considered as an initiative that will create an awareness on “energy efficient buildings” among young people. Not only training of young people but also training the trainers would be possible through this project.

Target Group
• This project will provide an interactive learning environments for youth (ages 15 to 25 years old) who have a desire to shape their life and environment.
• For example young people at the age of 15-16 will have a passion to select a university that satisfies them. Before the university entrance exam involving such training process will help them choose an appropriate department.
• Similarly at the age of 22-25, the new graduates would be looking for good job opportunities for their career.
• Furthermore training of the trainers (youth leaders from 81 district youth centers of Turkey) would be possible in this project. They will be able to share their knowledge, experience and learning materials with youngsters. So the network will enhance…

Method of The Project
• A set of educations materials and methods, including LINE (Learning In the Natural Environment) technique as much as possible (field trips, technical visits etc.), using IT to create interactive learning environments, interactive face-to-face sessions and open source interactive software will be prepared.