The second output (IO2) of the “From Zero to Hero: Wise Energy Use Volunteering Scheme for Youngster” Project is a book named “ENERGY EFFICIENT SOLUTIONS FOR BUILT ENVIRONMENTS: CONCEPTS – APPLICATIONS”

With the contribution from all partners, Gazi University have leaded the creation of the book.

The first aim of the document is to provide a scientific background for other two intellectual outputs, as well as to fill the gap in a subject that is lacking in the literature.

Readers are informed in a wide range of topics from climate changes and environmental problems, to the concept and practices of recycling, from sustainability in built environments to the use of renewable energy in buildings. Namely, the book, contains relevant information about:

– Climate change and Ecologic

– 3R Concept: Reduce-Reuse-Recycle

– Sustainability and Energy issue in built environments, energy demand and carbon emissions of buildings

– Energy efficiency and energy efficient building approaches

– Passive and active systems using renewable energy sources

– Zero Energy Buildings

– Related Legislations and building certification systems

It is a relevant supporting resource for young people, youth workers and all people and professionals working for youngsters’ training.